Physics at IST Austria

Physics at IST Austria

Welcome to the website of the Physics at IST Austria. Our research interest span a broad area and include quantum condensed matter and AMO physics, mathematical physics, soft matter physics, and biophysics. Scroll down for the list of physics-related research groups.

The Events section of this site contains the schedule of upcoming seminars, list of conferences, and past seminars.

Current graduate students may find useful information about physics-related courses at IST and general description of physics track for graduate students.

Finally, if you are interested in joining us, check the information on open positions.

We are part of the IST Austria and are primarily located in the Office and Lab parts of West Building on IST Campus. Please click here for directions and travel information.

Upcoming talks

Research Groups

Zhanybek Alpichshev

Non-linear and Time-resolved Optical Spectroscopy
of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems

Johann Danzl
High-Resolution Optical Imaging for biology

Johannes Fink
Quantum Integrated Devices

Edouard HannezoAvatarPhysical Principles in Biological Systems

Andrew Higginbotham
Condensed Matter and Quantum Circuits

Björn Hof
AvatarNonlinear Dynamics and Turbulence

Onur Hosten
AvatarQuantum Sensing with Atoms and Light

Maria Ibáñez
AvatarFunctional Nanomaterials

Georgios Katsaros

Mikhail Lemeshko
Theoretical Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics

Robert Seiringer
Mathematical Physics

Maksym Serbyn
Condensed Matter Theory and Quantum Dynamics

Gasper Tkacik
AvatarTheoretical Biophysics and Neuoscience

Scott Waitukaitis
Soft and Complex Materials

Kimberly Modic
Thermodynamics of quantum materials at the microscale